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Dang Anh Duc Luong

ACB Graduate

"Economics is one of the most interesting fields of study. Not only does it give you an overview of the economy, but it also helps you to evaluate any theory or problem in a comprehensive way. This subject is suitable for anyone pursuing any field, even Engineering or Physics. I think this because Economics teaches students how to consider others perspectives, something which often lets you find a solution to a problem. At Abbey, studying Economics does not mean going through the syllabus and related knowledge solely, but it offers you the opportunity to develop your team working skills and it enables learners to discuss and express their ideas clearly and concisely. As an international student these skills have proved extremely useful to me in my other subjects. Therefore you will not regret choosing to study Economics at A Level regardless of what career path you want to pursue."

Dang Anh Duc Luong intends to read Economics at the London School of Economics


What is Economics?

Economics is the study of how resources are allocated and how economic theories have an impact on society. For example, the decisions past and present of the Greek Government have led to serious social unrest and doubts about the future of the Euro. In addition to these macroeconomic issues, the subject considers simple decisions by firms such as whether or not to raise their prices.

The subject is highly respected by universities as it offers students the opportunity to improve their analytical and evaluative skills and helps them develop an ability to work with Mathematics and to show excellent written analysis.

What is Economics @ACB?

At ACB, we teach mainly through discussion and the use of everyday news events. Our aim is to help you understand Economics and to be able to do more than just regurgitate notes in an examination. We want to teach you to think like an economist.

We regularly set work which will be carefully assessed and our feedback will be well considered and detailed.

How is it assessed?




Unit 1


1 hour 15 minutes exam

Unit 2


1 hour 15 minutes exam

Unit 3 (ISA)


2 hour exam

Unit 4


2 hour exam

What do I need?

You should be keen to take on a new subject to study. You do not need to have studied Economics at GCSE, though a strong GCSE profile is advisable.

Good Subject Combinations

Economics can complement any subject at A level. It works well with science courses as it uses similar processes but adds sophisticated writing skills to your repertoire of talents. It works well with humanities such as History but develops a more scientific approach. Economics could also be a good fourth subject for a student trying to build a broad portfolio of subjects.

If you think that you might want to continue to study Economics at university, you will really need to take Mathematics at A level.

After ACB

Economics will support any student's application to study any subject at university. Medics, for example, will study three sciences but having Economics as a fourth gives candidates a wider range of knowledge to offer a medical school.

Economics at university is a demanding, exciting and highly respected degree. Students with good degrees in Economics generally have no difficulty in finding employment.


Q: Can I do the course in one year?
A: Yes.

Teaching staff: Annette Middleton & Anthony Wakeley.