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"I have really enjoyed studying A Level ICT at Abbey College Birmingham. There was always a very friendly environment in class, which made learning much more fun - this was also helped by the excellent teaching. The teacher helped outside of lesson time too, which was really helpful if I didn't quite understand something. I have felt that I have really picked up many skills over my time studying the subject which I know will definitely be useful in the future. I strongly recommend anyone interested in ICT to study this subject and enhance their knowledge."

Satish Kumar Sohal, U6 Student (will be a 2013 graduate). Satish is going to read Business and Marketing at Aston University


Why study ICT at Abbey College Birmingham?

A Level ICT is an exciting modern qualification which has the backing of a range of industries, higher education and the National Computing Centre and, at Abbey, we provide a personalised approach to ICT. The class sizes are small, resulting in highly focused student support.

Subject Overview

We follow OCR A Level ICT

AS Level

G061 - 120 mark 2 hr examination worth 60%

G062 - 80 mark pre -release coursework tasks worth 40%

AS Topics include examining the impact of data and information, investigating the characteristics of information systems and understanding spreadsheet and relational database concepts.

A2 Level

G063 - 120 mark 2 hr examination work 30%

G064 - 80 mark project

A2 Topics build upon the knowledge taught at AS and further develop understanding of the system's life cycle, networks and communications, understanding how systems are designed and the implications of ICT on industry and business.

Teaching Approaches

ICT lessons are usually heavily multimedia based; presentations and online resources alongside more traditional approaches are used to demonstrate technology in use. Discussions are also a common feature as opinions from the ICT generation are very much valued. A rigorous approach to assessment is undertaken to ensure students are achieving to their potential.

Higher Education Opportunities

Studying ICT develops an interest and a strong curiosity for all things technological! As we aware, ICT impacts on all our daily lives from the way we are entertained, learn, communicate, shop. In fact ICT, has an impact on everything we do so we do expect students to keep up to date with technological issues including innovation technologies.

Supportive Material

We strongly recommend that you keep abreast with innovative technological issues as this shows that you have a genuine interest in the subject. Websites such as,, will help you with this.

Teaching Staff: Sylvia Keatley.