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Aisha Suleiman Gimba

"I have really enjoyed studying A Level ICT at Abbey College Birmingham. The things I learned in class were applicable not only in the coursework but in my day-to-day life. ICT has really broadened my knowledge and has helped me grasp how much technology does and what processes it takes. With ICT I have grown to see things in depth and this is a result of the friendly work environment and the one-to-one interaction I get with the teacher. I recommend ICT to students as it helps you to understand the technology that surrounds us every day."

Aisha intends to read Architecture at The Architectural Association School Of Architecture


What is A Level ICT?

The impact of ICT on society is enormous and constantly changing and, as businesses and households connected to communication networks grow, so does the need for individuals who can master and manipulate these new technologies. Technological and information literacy skills are now just as essential as traditional literacy and numeracy skills. A Level ICT encourages students to become discerning users of ICT, enabling students to develop a broad range of ICT skills, knowledge and understanding. This could form a basis for progression into further learning, including progression from AS to A2 and/or employment.

What is ICT @ACB?

ICT lessons are usually heavily multimedia based; presentations and online resources alongside more traditional approaches are used to demonstrate technology in use. Discussions are also a common feature, since opinions from the ICT generation are very much valued. Students are provided with course booklets by unit, and a rigorous approach to assessment is undertaken to ensure students are achieving their potential.

How is it assessed?




Unit 1


2 hour exam

Unit 2



Unit 3


2 hour exam

Unit 4



What do I need?

A qualification at Key Stage 4 is desirable but a willingness to learn, a genuine interest in all technological developments and the drive to fully engage in all lessons is required. Students should be equipped with the correct lesson materials (stationery and a USB memory device as lots of electronic material will be reviewed for use outside of the lesson). Students should keep up to date with technological developments by following the news and conducting research outside of the lessons.

Good Subject Combinations

A Level ICT complements many subjects. The most popular subjects that students study alongside ICT are Business Studies, Economics, Media Studies and Art. However, students this academic year are studying ICT along with Physics and Mathematics. The theoretical aspect of the course requires students to write extended answers, including essays, and therefore subjects that are essay-based help provide students with transferable skills that can be used ICT.

After ACB

Many past students have been successful in gaining places in Computing and Computer Science courses. Combined courses such as Business Information Systems are also popular, where students are using ICT to create, interrogate and manipulate Information Systems in a Business environment. Possessing a good range of advanced ICT skills will of course help any career and therefore gaining an A level ICT grade will increase your employability.


Q: Can I do this course in one year?
A: Yes, but the course requires an immense amount of work that is only suitable for students who are highly independent and motivated.
Q: How much homework is set?
A: For AS students an average of 5 hours of homework per week is expected to be completed and this is increased at A2 Level.